Meet the world’s bravest men and the women strong enough to love them. Together, they face overwhelming odds while leaning on God for courage and conviction.

MEN OF COURAGE: Acts of Valor Prequel

Men of Courage by Rebecca Hartt

A mission-gone-wrong ended Taylor Rex’s career as a Navy SEAL. With all his dreams swirling down the drain, the last thing Taylor expects is for the dog foisted on him by a former classmate to alter his life for the better. But Taylor’s in for an unexpected awakening.

This touching glimpse into the life of an injured Navy SEAL introduces readers to Rebecca Hartt’s skillful storytelling, while seamlessly introducing the heroes of the Acts of Valor series.

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RETURNING TO EDEN: Acts of Valor Book 1

returning to eden cover

Presumed Dead, Navy SEAL Returns Home to Fight an Unseen Enemy in the Christian Romantic Suspense Novel, Returning to Eden, by Rebecca Hartt

–Present Day, Virginia Beach, Virginia–

A dead man stands on her doorstep.

When the Navy wrote off her MIA husband as dead, Eden came to terms with being a widow. But now, her Navy SEAL husband is staring her in the face. Eden knows she should be over-the-moon, but she isn’t.

Diagnosed with PTSD and amnesia, Navy SEAL Jonah Mills has no recollection of their fractured marriage, no memory of Eden nor her fourteen-year-old daughter. Still, he feels a connection to both.

Unfit for active duty and assigned to therapy, Jonah knows he has work to do and relies on God, who sustained him during captivity, to heal his mind, body, and hopefully his family.

But as the memories lurking in his wife’s haunted eyes and behind his daughter’s uncertain smile begin to return to him, Jonah makes another discovery. There is treachery in the highest ranks of his Team, treachery that not only threatens him but places his new-found family in its crosshairs.

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EVERY SECRET THING: Acts of Valor Book 2

Every secret thing cover

Navy SEAL Lt. Lucas Strong will do anything to keep his teammate Jaguar (Returning to Eden) from being falsely condemned. The one person who can help Lucas prove Jaguar’s innocence is the gutsy NCIS intern with the photographic memory. Too bad Charlotte Patterson disappeared without a trace two weeks earlier.

In rescuing herself, Charlotte literally falls into Lucas’s arms, then pledges to assist him in proving Jaguar’s innocence. As she and Lucas race the clock, outrunning powerful leaders bent on halting their investigation, Lucas tells Charlotte God will protect them and justice will prevail.

A skeptical Charlotte resists such naivete, as well as the deep-down feeling that they belong together. Her plans—if she survives—are set in stone. Besides, it’s all she and Lucas can do to stay alive, let alone expose corruption in the military’s highest ranks. For everything to turn out well, that would truly take a miracle.

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CRY IN THE WILDERNESS: Acts of Valor Book 3

Cry in the Wilderness cover

Navy SEAL Finds Freedom, Love, and Redemption in the Christian Romantic Suspense Novel, Cry in the Wilderness, by Rebecca Hartt

–Present Day, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma–

Rachel LeMere is certain she’ll never love again. It’s taken three years to move past the tragic death of her husband and high-school sweetheart, Blake.

Rachel’s adoptive brother, a military lawyer, has managed to gain shared custody of her twelve-year-old son, Liam. Forced to live with her brother and endure his cruelty, Rachel promises her son they will escape to freedom and a new life. If only she can convince Blake’s best friend, Saul, to help them.

Legendary Navy SEAL Saul Wade is headed to Oklahoma to reclaim the ranch where he grew up. It’s bad enough Saul has to face his tragic past. Honor also demands he risk his entire career by helping a woman he scarcely knows.

What begins as a debt to a friend sets Saul on a journey of forgiveness, healing, and love. But when evil threatens his and Rachel’s burgeoning relationship, Saul is forced to make a life-changing decision—remain America’s top sniper or allow God’s grace to give him a whole new reason for living.

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RISING FROM ASHES: Acts of Valor Book 4

Rising from Ashes cover

Navy SEAL Commander Overcomes Injuries And Survivors Guilt In Search Of Love and Redemption In Rising From Ashes, A Christian Romantic Suspense Novel From Rebecca Hartt

–Present Day, Virginia Beach, Virginia–

Lt. Commander “Monty” Monteague hasn’t needed God since he was a boy. But now the accomplished, handsome SEAL is the only survivor of a rescue mission gone wrong. His men are dead; his face is badly scarred. Wounded and hurting, Monty seeks solace in all the wrong places, until his do-gooder neighbor intrudes on his isolation, heals him, and teaches him to reach for God, not a bottle.

Opal Bonheur isn’t just Monty’s neighbor; she’s his physical therapist. Having loved him from afar for years, Opal is determined to heal the warrior, physically and emotionally. What Monty needs is the faith that has sustained her through many a tragedy—and they aren’t over yet. As the past comes back to haunt Opal, Monty’s prayers for her protection might be the only thing to keep her alive.

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LORD OF THE DANCE: Acts of Valor Novella

Lord of the Dance by Rebecca Hartt

Nina Aydin will never marry gain. An abusive marriage years earlier left the ballet instructor leery of men, yet she desperately wants a baby. Only one man has caught her eye, the mesmerizing Master Chief of SEAL Team 6. From his dance moves to his dimples, Santiago Rivera would make the perfect father, as long as he agrees to play by Nina’s rules–a donation at a fertility clinic with no intimacy allowed.

More than anything, Santiago wants the captivating Nina in his life–his whole life! His faith demands love and marriage come before a baby. When he gets a clear message from God to take the traditional path, he risks losing Nina entirely.

With her baby dreams held hostage by Santiago’s beliefs, Nina fears she has waited too long and pinned her hopes on the wrong man. As the ugly past returns bringing chaos, Santiago hopes Nina will realize how the light shines most brightly in the darkness. But will Nina seek it in time to claim the family God intends for her?

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